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The original oil on canvas painting authenticated by the author Boris Deriy. Gallery wrap 1.5 in. Other variants include giclée and high quality prints of different sizes upon request

Vermeer's amazing prowess in using light, not just lines, to represent the face, delights many artists.
Looking at the smiling eyes, the lively turn of the girl's head in Vermeer's painting, it is hard to believe that the painting was made 355 years ago - it looks so modern.
Vermeer's painting is not a formal portrait of a person sitting in front of the artist, but a "tronie" (a Danish term for a human character, a type of personality). All this inspired me to give a tribute to Vermeer.
Making copies of old masters' paintings helps to better understand their technique. It is impossible to learn just by looking at their paintings. When you do it yourself, a deeper understanding of how the master did it comes, and you learn faster. I used transparent colors in this painting, same way the old masters did. I have learned a lot using this technique that I had not used before. Making copies of great paintings in visual arts is same as reciting masterpieces in music. We are not all Chopins and Bachs, but musicians have been reciting their works for grateful listeners for centuries, and there are as many variations as there are performers.
The year 2020 was marked by a COVID pandemic that affected the whole world, has changed our lives, our habits. We had to give up close communication, big family meetings, friendly hugs ... Our smiles are hidden behind masks, and therefore it seems that people have forgotten how to smile. But there is hope in the girl's gaze to you. After all, even a half-face mask cannot hide true beauty!

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