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Looking at art can provide a much needed refuge 

for reflection, sympathy, quietude, inspiration,  and

even ecstasy in this increasingly  chaotic world.  


Welcome to the BORDER FINE ART GALLERY recently opened in the heart of Naples Art District (NAD)! NAD is the center of gravity for artists who live here and those who come on a seasonal basis from all over the world attracted by the beauty of southern nature, the cozy elegance of Naples downtown, and the intensity of the local art life. Another important attraction factor is the great support the city provides for the arts, and we are proud to have become a part of this community.

The new gallery represents different styles, approaches, and techniques used by several great artists. Those include but are not limited to modern impressionism (Boris Deriy), painting in the modern decorative style (LIQUID MOSAIC by Inna&Alex Deriy), and abstraction (Julie Olander). They use various media and tools such as oil, acrylic, and pastels on canvas, watercolors, and mixed media. Originals, giclées as well as high resolution/high quality prints are available for sale to meet every budget. We will pursue promotion of upcoming and emerging artists whose work, apart being of high quality, holds good value for money for the collectors as well as provides an adequate reward for the artists’ creative talent.

We plan to use the gallery as a platform for interaction between artists, designers, collectors, and general public. We would be happy to host art teaching classes and other artistic activities including music performances/concerts/jams.

We welcome everyone interested in art to stop by and and have some quality time by viewing the artwork exhibitions and enjoying discussions and conversations.

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